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Soldbuch fill out service

The subject of the German Solbuch has been considerably under-researched in recent years. This article is intended to pick up where Eric Tobey left off in Die Neue FeldpostNumbers 13 and 14 with the page by page breakdown of the quintessential document of the German Landser. In the style of the previous installments, this article is not meant to be a definitive work on the subject. First pattern Soldbuchs seem to be pre production though the earliest books were only issued in the summer of upon mobilization by the notation on p.

However, as with so many other items in the German Army, old stocks were almost assuredly used up rather than simply thrown away and these first pattern books have been known to be issued later on. In fact, one example was found that was issued as late as April !

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The distinction that can be made from pages between first and second pattern is primarily that the earlier had only a single row of pre-formatted text whereas the latter has a second. Some of these are fold out and double sided, some narrower strips, and a few even hand-written and hand-ruled. There was apparently great variation on how the addition of this could be handled if at all. No wonder they eventually switched to the two-column system! In both first and second pattern books, the first column Grund in the earlier, Truppenteil in the latter seems to have been used in a number of ways depending on who was filling the entry out that day.

In many cases a unit designation is simply hand-written in. About as common is to see a unit designation block stamped in. This seems to be especially true when hospitals took responsibility for inspecting the equipment where the name of the corresponding hospital is block stamped here.

soldbuch fill out service

The equipment lists were fairly self-explanatory. A number was written in the corresponding column to show how many of each item was issued or what the soldier was found with at the time of inspection.

When an item an individual had was not listed, it would be hand written in one of the empty boxes in the top row. Older entries were supposed to be cancelled out in red ink as newer ones were made but this did not always happen. Variations include blue or black ink or no cancellation at all.The German Soldbuch is the most popular piece of paper documentation for German reenactors. If your lucky only a handfull of guys in your unit can even afford the cost of something which is hidden in one's pocket the majority of the time.

There is no place on the internet that you can find PDF's of the inside pages and the cover for a Authentic German Soldbuch, except here. And while the componet exists on internet, you'll be hard pressed to find blank ones. But in an effort to make our members reenacting experience that much better, we have assembled the complete ready to go, do it yourself copy of a German Soldbuch.

Now you can create Soldbuch for your entire unit, for about 65 cents a piece. You can experiment with filling them out ourself with pen and ink and rubber stamps which are available on the internet.


Because we are dealing with a 11 inch in length piece of paper, the back inter folder flap had to be shorten. Note: It is important to make sure the side guides of your printer are relative tight, so side slop doesn't occur. Also feed each page one at a tme on the second side printing. This is important to insure your printer grabs the edge as good as it can.

This project could not be completed if it wasn't for the individual page artwork and cover. The artwork was done by a reenactors who lives in Leeds Yorkshire England who goes by the name caliope21uk. The 20 individual pages where assembled into 5 PDF's printed and tested, and that is what you see in the photographs above.

Look for a Heer and Luftwaffe versions. Also a ready to go "pre-filled" version with orginal, scanned markings. Search this site. Instructions When you print the Cover set the printer option to [x] Actual Print each page, and the flip it and print it again on the back.

This creates two "page sets" for each 8 x 11 piece of paper you use. Set printer option to [x] Actual Stack all 5 pages on top of one another Fold each piece of finished printed sheet in half. Don't cut the page without first folding it. Using a Paper Cutter, trim the folded side, then the left and right sides. Fold the stack in half in the center Using a Booklet Stapler, place 2 staples in the center of the cover.

Report abuse.Ww1 imperial german cap. WW1 German Bread Bag. All of our reproduction items are of the highest quality and good for reenactment or museum display. We have been reproducing historical documents with many happy customers for over 14 years, buy with confidence!

For sale is a reproduction German soldbuch from WW1. Every soldier had one of these regardless of what branch of the military they served in!

An essential part of your kit. When ordering please specify which version of the cover you would like, A or B. Our documents are made to stand up to the elements! They will not bleed when wet and are completely accurate to the originals. Don't be fooled by budget offerings elsewhere on the web!

We're happy to combine shipping and do offer discounts for bulk purchases. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and check out our other items! We'll be uploading more soon. Thanks for looking! I ordered this to give my Reproduction uniform a bit of spice. I must say, it did more than make it look good and feel complete.

I was able to fill out my character's information and now I have papers I can present to my commanding officer! Good, sturdy repro soldbuch. Not painstakingly handmade, but very good and re-enactment worthy.

WW1 German Soldbuch Reproduction. Red Rommel Militaria. Good quality repro I ordered this to give my Reproduction uniform a bit of spice. Good Repro Soldbuch Good, sturdy repro soldbuch. Standard International Shipping.Scan from original Soldbuch with Lateinisch handwriting. Soldbuch Fill-Out Service. I have had a number of people ask whether I can fill out their Soldbuchso I have decided to add this as a service.

I can even modify my handwriting where appropriate to make it look like more than one person making the entries! Simply download one of these forms for LuftwaffeKriegsmarineWehrmachtSSor Volkssturmfill it out, and send it to me along with your Soldbuch. I will use the reproduction stamps needed to complete it. Then, mail or upload a regular color photo to me it should be high resolution and I will digitally modify it to look like it was taken by a black and white camera of that era, print it onto high quality gloss photographic paper, and attach it to your Soldbuch with eyelets.

You'll be hard-pressed to tell it apart from an original! Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. T his service temporarily unavailable; please check back later. A good friend of mine is generous enough to allow me to offer his fine product on this website! This is a genuine pigskin wallet based on original drawings. It is sized to hold the Soldbuch, along with other artifacts such as photos, stamps, ration cards, post cards, or whatever else you'd care to stuff in it.

It is machine stitched and very durable. As soon as I saw them, I purchased one for myself! Right now, the only color we offer is black yeah, the picture shows a brown wallet, but our supplier shorted us on brown pigskin. Many times, I've needed to carry a notebook in the field to keep track of tactical information, but no one seemed to supplied anything that I could use that didn't look farby. Although these notebooks, a much higher quality than what was available to me before, aren't based on an actual period notebook like my Russian notebook, they do look a lot better than using a modern flip-style note pad.

Each notebook has roughly sixty pages and a flap on the inside back cover for storing loose pages or other notes. This set of paperwork includes the forms typically carried by a soldier when traveling home on leave from France, Italy, or North Africa between and The set includes a Kriegsurlaubsschein or personal leave pass, the Kleiner Wehrmachtsfahrschein or small military travel ticket allowing the soldier to travel free of charge up to km or on low-priority trains, a Befristeter Auswei s or temporary pass for Paris, France, and a ration card of one week, typical of the style that would have been distributed to soldiers during that time.

Interested in more information about the Kriegsurlaubsschein? Click here! Interested in more information about the Wehrmachtfahrschein? T emporarily unavailable; please check back later. For an additional cost, I will fill out all of the paperwork in the above set to your specifications. Please download this formcopy and paste the information with your answers into an email, and send it to me after you've ordered.

I will complete the forms, varying my own handwriting to make it look like more than one person filled them out, and mark them with the correct reproduction stamps, just like the originals in my collection.

Due to the time which may be necessary to create the stamps I'll need, please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

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This is a rather different set of paperwork, specifically for a soldier traveling home on leave from the Russian Front between and We would like to thank him for his generosity as well as thank all those who have contributed to this article. It is with their efforts, we are able to share this valuable research with the rest of you.

Soldbuchs are one of the "common elements" among the three main groups of Wehrmacht aficionados: for the collector, they present an almost limitless variety at reasonable prices. For the researcher of German Army life, they contain large amounts of detailed, dated information, and for the reenactor, they represent an important and highly individualized piece of kit from which an entire first-person impression can be built.

What this series of articles will attempt to do is give the reader a better understanding of how Army Soldbuchs were filled out, and explain the significance of the entries themselves. The cross-section of books for this study was obtained by examining a total of books or copies of books, not including a number of parts or incomplete books.

Not all army personal would carry an "army" Soldbuch. As we have pointed out in earlier issues, there were many men who transferred from either the Kriegsmarine or Luftwaffe in the ranks of the late vintage infantry unit. These men kept their old Soldbuchs, and there were certain differences from the Army type in both. This series will cover Army books only; books from the other arms will have to wait for a future series of articles!

Like any other procedure that is left up to a great many individuals, the methods used in filling out Soldbuchs varied greatly, and sometimes even defied regulations. Some entries were almost never filled out according to regulation and some things put into the books had no regulations pertaining to them at all. In almost every case, however, a "typical" or "standard" method or entry can be easily identified; the description for the "typical" entry will be set in underlined bold type.

Entries made like these would not have aroused suspicion in your typical "Kettenhund"! The "Item Numbers" correspond with the item-locating arrows on the illustrations. There are two basic covers for Army Soldbuchs: stock and variant re-covers. Stock covers were made from a dense, greenish cover stock that had a peculiar "wavy" watermark.

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The spines were covered with a green cloth spine-reinforcing tape. Stock covers also had a "pocket" formed in the back cover by folding three flaps inward. Illustration 1. Front Cover of Army Soldbuch: Note owner's name printed in pen at the top.

soldbuch fill out service

This variant cover, as yet seen only as re-covers, was made of card stock which was more of a brownish-green color and lacked the wavy texture. There are no fold-in flaps on the rear cover, so there is no "pocket".

The rules normally printed on the flap of the rear cover were now printed either on the inside of the front cover or inside the back cover.

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Sometimes books were recovered with whatever was handy at the time. Two books in this study had plain, cardstock covers.

My WW2 German Heer Impression

Many books were protected inside various types of covers and wallets, but since these are technically not actually a part of the book, they are outside the scope of this article.

Maybe a future article! Although Soldbuchs were not usually found outside the possession of their owners, there were occasions when the books were taken in and filed for security reasons.

Filing was not a problem as long as the number of books was small, like when a small group left its books behind before going out on patrol.When an individual presented himself for active duty, he turned in his Wehrpass and received an Erkennungsmarke and a Soldbuch, which was the basic identity document that the soldier would carry on his person for the rest of his active military career.

Instead, the book gave the soldier the authority to draw pay, and in fact the original intent of the document was to allow individuals to draw pay from a unit other than their own.

In practice, the Soldbuch was the identity document that most concerned active duty personnel. Inside the flap 5 rules of the Soldbuch were presented for study, they were. It may also be used as an identification for purposes of receiving mail, traveling on trains, detached service and while on leave.

Leaving it in baggage, in quarters, etc. Talking good care of the Soldbuch is in the best interest of the owner. The owner himself is required to make certain that changes in pay rate due to transfer of promotion are promptly entered at his duty station. Entries in it can be made only by a duty station of the Armed Forces. Unauthorized changes to the Soldbuch are falsification of official documents a crime. When stopped or questioned by the Wehrmacht Military Police or a superior officer, this was the document that the soldier would be required to show.

It would not escape the inquirer's eye if the equipment and decorations that the soldier had did not match those inscribed in his Soldbuch. All branches of the Wehrmacht issued Soldbuchs with slight variations on the cover and in content. Cover variation are as follows. SS Soldbuchs had the SS symbol printed in the front. In essence, Volksturm Soldbuchs were watered-down versions of the Heer Soldbuchs, containing only 14 pages of information. Upon the release of a soldier from the Wehrmacht, the Soldbuch was supposed to the destroyed, and many German service men did indeed destroyed them at the end of the war.

However, due to the sudden collapse of Germany, other men kept their Soldbuchs as their only identity document, and another contingency was captured with this document in their possession. As a result, as with the Wehrpass, there are many Soldbuchs available to collectors and historians, with the price varying depending on entries and units served with.

Soldbuch The "pay book" was carried by every soldier and served as an important ID during the war Wehrpass. Heer Soldbuch Luftwaffe Soldbuch.

Heer Soldbuch. Luftwaffe Soldbuch. Jump Section Wehrmacht-Awards.By 4thGordons, 11 Junein Other Equipment.

soldbuch fill out service

It is not just the words but both the writing and the printed script with which I am struggling! There are 15 numbered pages - a couple in the middle are blank, the dates seem to range from late to mid There are a number of documents tucked inside including travel pass, a vaccination record Cholera, Typhus and The soldier, even in war-time, was I believe allowed to carry his Soldbuch"Pay-book"from the Latin word for "salary" and "salt", " salerium ", I believe.

My Latin is fragmentary. I have a few Soldbuchermostly from when I was able to buy the pair of the documents for a given soldier. For this reason the entries are often made and dated months and even years after the date of the event being recorded.

A lot of the above is based on conjecture on my part; I have never seen a source on this topic. The study of these documents can be fascinating, but is quite difficult. Many kinds of entries are recorded in a form that seems to be the record of a court-martial; I was startled to see that my father seemed to have been court-martialed at least eight times.

I knew he was a naughty soldier; among other things he shot and killed his company CO, a thief and a coward, but eight times seemed a lot.

One recorded event, which I first decyphered as my father being court-martialed for cursing the NCOs from the ranks in formation, eventually turned out for him to have been wounded on the south slope of Dead Man's Hill at Verdun during a flamethrower attack on the French.

soldbuch fill out service

The wound was classified as a "light" wound, although it spit bone fragments for over 10 years, and kept him in and out of hospital for a year and a half.

He was indignant about that 50 years later. So, even if you can read the Suetterlin and the Kurrentthe script systems, these books are hard to read.

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They also, in typical German fashion, use radical abreviations of often very long words, and a lot of stylized forms. They often require some understanding of the usually complicated German military procedures and organizations.

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I am sorry that I mostly spoke of the Militaer-Paesse, which are much more complicated and have much more valuable historical information than the two companion soldiers' booklets. I do not think that I have ever looked at an example of the other two in any detail. If the major collectors of these documents would organize and cooperate these documents would provide a very potent and belevable historical source. I have a few originals or copies of Paesse from two storm units, and each one teaches new things about these formations.

Numbered pages range from 16 to 28 in these and the layouts are different. If you post an image, I'll see if I have one by the same and then will be able to talk you through them page by page. I bet some soldiers did call it exactly that! Trefferbild Nr. The left side lists all the exercises 1.

Brustscheibe is a breastplate, so perhaps that was marked separately, as wearing one must have been an impediment to shooting straight!

As for what to do with the rest of your documents, you could post them up. The soldier himself wouldn't ever see his Militarpass again until final discharge - which explains their reasonable comparitively good condition generally speaking. You will note that I wrote the post about 3 AM local time, did not recall the previous conversation, nor what planet I was on.